Summer Holidays with children: check out fun attractions at Multiplan’s malls

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Multiplan's vacation activities promise lots of amusement and entertainment for the entire family. Parks, exhibitions and various activities are being featured by the shopping centers as of January throughout Brazil. Check below for some highlights of the schedule.

BarraShopping, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), hosts the Wifi Ralph event - inspired in a Disney animated movie - from January 10 to February 3. Themed "Breaking the Internet", the space hosts a number of free attractions for children aged 4 to 12. 

The first area of the circuit is the Wi-Fi Zone, where participants need to fit giant Internet cables into the right slots to gain access to the "Tunnel of Lights." The 'Oh My Disney' space offers tablets and an air game table, as well as a TV for viewing portions of the movie. And finally, a photo-shoot set is available for everyone in the family to enjoy taking pictures.

As of January 17, the mall also will operate an ice skating rink. The 200 m² space is can handle kids as of two years of age (in their own carriages, guided by specialized monitors) and adults of all ages. The ticket costs R$ 45 for half an hour, R$ 60 for an hour and R$ 30 for 12 laps in the conveyance.

At VillageMall, also in Rio de Janeiro, the Future is Cool event features technology as the star of the show, between January 18 and February 3. Children up to 12, divided by age groups, can participate in activities, such as customizing and creating commands for a robot and discovering how games are developed. All this using computers with access to Scratch, a program developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). For toddlers from 18 months to 3 years of age, a playful building block workshop will be available. All activities are free and registration is on site, according to the limit of participants per class.

MorumbiShopping, in São Paulo (SP), also encourages the entire family to participate through a 240m² super ice rink, until March 9.  Next to it is a dining area with picnic tables and sweet and salty gourmet popcorn shops, homemade hot-dogs and Italian gelatos. The ticket costs R$ 45 for 30 minutes of skating. The mall also offers the free "MorumbiShopping Experiments" event that will teach kids to create the famous slime, from January 8 to 27.

São Paulo's ShoppingAnáliaFranco presents "Parque João and Pé de Feijão," based on a traditional children's tale, between January 12 and February 3. In the event, various activities represent the story, such as a bean-shaped slide and a soupspoon ball pool. The scene also contains a 4.5-meter-high giant and a magic harp for photos. Children can participate in a workshop to plant their own beans. For this activity, they will also customize the vases, with appliques, ornamental stones and colored papers, which they can take home.

ShoppingVilaOlímpia, also in São Paulo (SP), offers a sensorial exhibition, entitled "Believe It, It's True!" Through interactive and playful activities, the experience addresses themes such as animals, humans and the solar system, instigating the curiosity of the whole family. The event is open between January 13 and February 4.

Fans of the Transformers universe will be able to check out the international show at ParkShoppingSãoCaetano, in São Caetano do Sul (SP), between January 11 and February 10. The free exhibition will bring together 12 giant sculptures inspired in the most outstanding characters of the saga. The collection features Chilean visual artists, who produced some of the items with recycled auto parts. The exhibition also includes animatronic dinosaurs that emit sounds, one of them five feet high and 12 feet long.

The magic and colors of the unicorns set the tone for the season at JundiaíShopping, in Jundiaí (SP). Until February 3, these friendly little animals invite boys and girls to have fun in the "Unicorn Square" with playful activities that encourage free play. In an open space, options include a ball pool, mini climbing wall and a slide.

In the dressing room, the kids can choose their design for a temporary tattoo, and color their hair with a special spray. And if the idea is to bolster the imagination, the children can take advantage of the photo panel to record the moment in the click of a shutter. In the Baby Space, kids under four year can play in a ball pool, on a seesaw or enjoy a horseback ride. Slime and cupcake workshops are held from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The event is free.

RibeirãoShopping, in Ribeirão Preto (SP), will be invaded by the fascinating Jurassic Age. The project hosts the "T-Rex Park Tour"exhibition from January 12 to March 10 with almost 20 attractions among toys, characters and replicas of animatronic dinosaurs. Kids, teens and adults alike will be able to enjoy the event, which joins together 3D cinema, Gira Dino, Dino Baby, Volcano Tour, Dino Tour and Baby Boat, as well as a dragon skull and giant dinosaur egg for photos. The "T-Rex Park Tour" show is free, but tickets for the toys cost between R$ 5.00 and R$ 10.00.

ShoppingSantaÚrsula, also in Ribeirão Preto, hosts the ExperCiência fair, promoted by the Gabarito School until January 30. Customers have the opportunity to learn more about science for free through interactive experiments. Some highlights are the Van Der Graaff Generator, which produces the effect of making one's hair stand on end when touching the dome; equipment that demonstrates atmospheric pressure and the phenomenon that allows airplanes to fly; and the Gravitational Well, which allows you to throw a sphere and see if its velocity increases as the trajectory decreases.

Visitors to BH Shopping, in Belo Horizonte (MG), can have fun and a refreshing experience at BH On Ice, the biggest ice rink in recent times, at 380 m², until March 24. The mega rink sports special scenography plus light and sound shows to make the environment even more incredible! The attraction is available for a variety of age groups, including children from 2 to 5, who will take a ride in the Big Ice Car, a sled guided by the instructors.The 30-minute session costs R$ 40 and one-hour use costs R$ 60.

Also in Belo Horizonte, the DiamondMall is inspiring the vacations of children of all ages with its Adventure Park. Children between two and three years old can venture out into the Baby Area, which has a padded gym-playground environment. Ages four to 12 can have whooping fun on a circuit with a variety of activities, where they must show the courage to cross a suspension bridge three meters high, skill and agility to climb on a rope and ring the bell before the competition. In addition, the event also features a virtual reality game, where one's imagination knows no limits when flying over landscapes, just like on a real flight. The attraction is open until February 10 and is free.

Also in the capital of Minas Gerais, Pátio Savassi is presenting the Little Patio Theater, with 67 performances at the mall's space, including shows for children and adults through the Theater Popularization Campaign. The children's repertoire will feature classics such as "The Hare and the Turtle", "The Little Prince" and "Puss in Boots". Adult programming will be composed of six shows. The program runs until February 28 and tickets start at R$ 18.

For the first time in Minas Gerais, the mall also is hosting Ateliê Bololofos, a production workshop for the famous stuffed dolls. The activity promises to encourage the creativity of children when it comes to turning drawings into dolls. This free attraction runs from January 11 to 20, always on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets are limited, and must be picked up at the venue.

ParkShopping, in Brasilia (DF), has a 210 m² skating rink to liven up the holidays for the entire family. The space has capacity for 50 skaters at a time, and the 30-minute session costs R$ 40 while one hour is R$ 50. The event runs until February 3, 2019.

The mall will also offer visitors a plunge through a time tunnel to reminisce or get to know some of the classic 1980's and 1990's toys. This is the proposal of the free Brinquedoteka interactive exhibition, which takes place at the mall between January 15 and February 17. The attraction combines classic toys and games like Genius, Aquaplay, Pinball, Cai-no-Cai and Pula Pirata, Lego, Tetris among others that have made great success and marked generations in gigantic dimensions.

BarraShoppingSul, in Porto Alegre (RS), hosts the unprecedented event inspired by the successful Gloob channel’s Valentins series, until January 27. The attraction unites recreational activities that stimulate kids' imagination and creativity. Using a 110m² structure, the event is indicated for children between 4 and 10 years old and entrance is free through first-come seat availability.