José Isaac Peres honored by the GRI

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Multiplan President receives the Honor Awards

Multiplan President José Isaac Peres was a recipient of the GRI Honor Awards on June 21 from the Global Real Estate Institute (GRI), an institution that brings together over 4,000 real estate companies. The award process in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the GRI Club is taking place in the 20 countries where the institution operates, such as England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, India and Chile, among others. 

In each of the countries, the Advisory Board selected an industry executive who has been an important figure and a success story in the real estate market. In Brazil, 150 executives from companies such as Cadillac Fairview, Blackstone, Brookfield, HSI, Vinci Partners, XP Investimentos, Credit Suisse and Inhoé Cambridge, among others, participate in the institution. 

Peres also was part of a discussion with executives in which he told his story and spoke about how he had overcome the various crises in Brazil over the more than 45 years of his history as a real estate entrepreneur. "I always looked to the future and I always believed in Brazil, I always invested to generate more jobs, income and taxes. Because, in Brazil, if you close up shop at every crisis, you get nothing done."